What Is In Vape Juices – Are They Safe?

What Is In Vape Juices

What Is In Vape Juices – Are They Safe? Read To Find Out What Really Is In Vape Juices And Why You Should Vape Instead Of Smoke Tobacco In Tradional Cigarettes

If You Don’t Vape And Smoke Cigarettes

Vape Menthol E-juice

You may find that you are increasing your chances of getting disease greatly. On top of that you are spending many times more money than you really need to. Read more about What Is A Vaping Device in this article. Basically vaping is a method where you use an electronic device that contains a storage unit for e-liquid, that feeds a heating coil usually via a wick to produce vapors that you inhale.

Vape Juices Ingredients

Usually there is 3 or 4 ingredients in E-Juices, Nicotine being optional and also available in different quantities. Vegetable Glycerin is probably the safest ingredient in Vape Juices. Propylene Glycol a fairly low risk ingredient that evaporates faster, sometimes leading to dehydration, it is a common ingredient of asthma inhalers.

Flavoring, probably the most dangerous of the ingredients, generally is very similar or the same of food flavorings which have shown in a lot of cases to not be too healthy. Added on top of that vaping this flavoring also in some cases makes the flavoring unhealthy, where the non vaped liquid isn’t.

Rainbow Blend With Nicotine Vape Juice

Nicotine In Vape Juices

Nicotine even though it is optional is still fairly safe. It acts to make the vape more addictive, but because it is controlled to precise doses and quality. This is actually a benefit for smokers of tobacco cigarettes. Because it can be precisely measured and it is easy to reduce the nicotine content over time with little withdrawal issues. Making it a lot easier to give up nicotine all together.

Vaping e-liquid or e-juice using vaporizers like e-cigarettes is a big threat to huge tobacco giants that see vaping as a threat. This is partly why there is still stigma around vaping and its safety. It is not 100% safe, but it also is not as bad as large tobacco giant industry leaders make out either.

vaping vs cigarettes

The very fact e-liquid is vaped (or inhaled by heating the liquid up) instead of being burn’t makes it so much safer as a lot less chemicals are produced in the vaping process in contrast to burning of tobacco leaves and additives when one is smoking a cigarette, which can produce thousands of chemicals, many have been linked to cancer and other nasty diseases. Heart and lung diseases being some the more common health effects.

If I am given a choice to use vape pens to inhale vapers, trust me I will choose that every time over normal everyday tobacco cigarettes. In a recent article Vaping vs Cigarettes I go in more detail about the differences.

Where You Should Buy And Why

VaporFi Online Website is a great place to get quality vape juices, with or without nicotine included. My wife and I and also daughter and son all buy from here as they have a huge range of flavored E-juices. We often mix and match juices to vary the flavor as well.

Banana Vape Juice Flavor

Quitting smoking cigarettes was first done by our son which gave up cigarettes for good some time ago and introduced us to this trending healthier way of vaping. Using e-cig or e-cigarette, is now our preferred choice in our family. Study after study are showing more and more people use electronic cigarettes to improve health instead of those nasty cigarettes that burn tobacco leaves.

What is your priority, is it taste or variety. VaporFi vape juice comes from food-grade ingredients, as discussed above, so that there vaping flavors are smooth and consistent. Quality-tested and user-approved are very important matters to VaporFi and why my family uses them.

My family and I, encourage you to customize your flavors, https://vaper4U.com have the e-liquid you’re looking for. You will be able to have over 30,000 options choose from – no two custom blends are alike. Bet you can’t try them all. I know I haven’t tried them all yet.

The Most Fun Ingredient Is The Flavors

  • Menthol – Great for people that already used to this flavor. This has become fairly popular due to the fact that the only flavor normal cigarettes can be are normal and menthol. All other flavors were banned a long time ago, due to the health risks of normal cigarettes. Governments wanted to discourage smoking as much as possible.
  • Fruit – So many fruit flavors to choose between, and much like fruit drinks mixing different fruit flavors in e-juices is quite common and result in great tasting vaping experience.
  • Dessert – Everyone loves desserts and the range of dessert flavors for vape juice is quite large. Is really quite nice to walk into a room where people have vaped a dessert juice.
  • Candy – I tried a few of these myself and well I was pleasantly surprised. Was a bit scared to buy at first but have no regrets now after trying.
  • Coffee – Great on its own or mixed.
  • Strawberry – Part of the many fruit flavors and a popular at that.
  • Alcohol – Yes they even have these delightful choices.
  • Banana – Not tried this one yet but will soon, look forward to it.
  • Chocolate – Very nice, especially mixed with cherry and vanilla
  • Spice – Spices are also covered if you love your spices.
  • Melon – Yet another popular fruit choice.
  • Ice Cream – Yummy Ice cream, worth a try.
  • Berry – Lots of blends can be made with this one.
  • Tropical – Blend made for you, easy to change slightly to your liking.
  • Breakfast – Enjoy aromas of your best breakfasts.
  • Citrus – Also another great fruit blend.

E-Juices Galore That Was Just Fraction

Just to name a very small list of popular flavors available for you are VaporFi. You really should take a look for yourself as everyone has there own favorites. Taste is definitely a personal thing, What I might love you may not and of course that works in reverse.

However I yet to find any that taste worse than a normal cigarette that burns tobacco leaf.

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What Is In Vape Juices – Are They Safe? Read To Find Out What Really Is In Vape Juices And Why You Should Vape Instead Of Smoke Tobacco In Tradional Cigarettes

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  2. Wow! This is practically new to me, thanks for sharing this Sam

    I see that this offers a somewhat better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

    I guess the flavors does taste as the natural flavors? For me, based on my love foe fruits, i find banana flavors as a preferred option in my flavor choices when need arises.

    This has been a great read, i learnt some new things here, hope to come around some other time


    1. You should try the banana flavor:) Also maybe try some the other fruit flavors.  If taste is something you look for I doubt you ever smoke a cigarette again after vaping:)


  3. Dear Sam,

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  4. Thank you for this article. As a non-smoker I have been more concerned about the effects of passive vaping – we’re all aware of passive smoking. This is reassuring in that it explains just what is in the ingredients of vape juice. If it encourages fewer people to smoke cigarettes, so much the better.


    1. Thank you.  Yes agree totally.  Cigarettes have been around way to long, cause a bunch of pollution and health issues and cost way to much.  


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