Moving On After Funeral – How Vaping Helped After Mum Passed

Moving On After Funeral

Moving On After Funeral – How Vaping Helped After Mum Passed. This is a personal post for me, I hope if you have lost someone special you are able to move on with your life.

Moving On After Funeral

Recently my mother died, it was a sad time for myself as I loved my mum very much. Mum was a kind and loving mum that always seemed to be there when I needed her. I was rarely ever judged, but often comforted by her kindness. Really hope you have had a similar experience in your life.

I am grieving in a different way to what I thought. I thought I be in tears all the time and really sad. Mum had cancer which was treated some 20 years earlier and she went into full remission. Everything was going good for my mum until about 9 months ago, when the doctor said she has cancer again. After all the different types of treatments, such as chemotherapy, immune therapy, radiation treatment, mum was left weak.

Time was running short and the treatment had stopped working. My mum was a strong lady and quite spiritual. She often said she was accepting and ready to part this world. This was not an easy thing to hear but I feel it has helped a little with me moving on.

Vaping Has Helped Me Deal With Loss

I had started vaping a couple months prior to my mum’s passing. Maybe because my wife used smoking cigarettes to deal with the loss of a very close friend. Naturally not wanting to smoke cigarettes I however needed something to help calm the nerves and deal with the added stress of my mum passing.

When hearing the news of my mum’s passing I was naturally upset, kind of felt numb and my eyes started to water a little. Expressing emotions has never really been easy for me to do as I tend to hold my thoughts in a lot. Sharing these emotions with others to me seems even harder as I feel very vulnerable at these times.

This is still a hard part of life for me to deal with the loss of someone so special to me that was always there for me. I do feel sad and miss her very much. However I also do find comfort when I vape, it kinda gives me an uplift for a short time. Vaping is not 100% safe or healthy, but much safer than cigarettes.

Stress Kills

I dare say it is much better than the stress I would otherwise be dealing with. Stress is so bad for you in just about every way possible. For years to come I will probably miss my mum and feel a huge empty spot in my life. I only hope you will be able to move on with your life as well. Vaping may not be the answer for you but it has helped me.


What Is In Vape Juice

Alternatives seem so much worse, such as drinking, cigarettes, shutting myself off from the world, sleeping all day, crying all day, dwelling on the past. Remembering good times while I vape seems in my opinion to be much better and allows me to continue my day and do what is needed to be done.

This is going to be a shorter post than most as this is not a very easy topic to talk about. I would love to hear any questions or comments on this post, as I feel sharing stories about loved ones can help in the process of moving on as well. If anyone has some ideas how to help me open up more and share my emotions with others especially my wife, would love to hear that below in the comments as well.

I sincerely am sorry for any loss you have had to experience and my heart goes out to you. My wish is only for you to be happy and help you move forward in your life. Hope my short story has helped you in some way.

Miss you Mum

Love Your Son

Sam Frederiksen

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Moving On After Funeral – How Vaping Helped After Mum Passed. This is a personal post for me, I hope if you have lost someone special you are able to move on with your life.

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